Renew. Revive. Restore.

The decision to begin therapy is a brave one. Embarking on a journey of healing is an investment in one's self. I seek to partner with clients on their quest to better understand themselves, their relationships and their lives. In the confines of a respectful, nurturing relationship, clients heal from their past and create a new narrative in which they can thrive.


About Rachel

Rachel E.S. Wright, MSW, LCSW is a trauma-informed relational therapist who works with adults and couples. She specializes in working with those impacted by trauma, difficulties with relationships, depression, and anxiety. Rachel has experience working with those touched by adoption, grief and loss, divorce, parenting and fertility struggles. She also has experience working with the LGBTQ population.

Rachel earned her Master of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. After graduating she worked at a highly respected adoption agency in Illinois in various capacities for over a decade. As such, she has extensive experience in the field of adoption working with all members of the adoption circle. Rachel witnessed first-hand the dramatic interplay between early-life and family-of-origin experiences and future relational and mental health successes and challenges.

Taking this knowledge, Rachel was selected and successfully completed the Natalie Haimowitz Postgraduate Fellowship Program at Womencare Counseling Center in Evanston, Illinois. The fellowship program emphasized the relational model (i.e., the relationship between the client and therapist serves as the primary vehicle for healing). It is this model which underscores Rachel’s approach to treatment. Rachel seeks to partner with clients on their quest to better understand themselves, their relationships and their lives. In the confines of a respectful, nurturing relationship, clients heal from their past and create a new narrative in which they can thrive.


  • Indiana University, Bachelors of Science in Human Development and Family Studies
  • The Brown School at Washington University, Master of Social Work


  • Womencare Counseling Center, Natalie Haimowitz Postgraduate Fellowship Program
  • Womencare Counseling Center, Trauma Consultation Group



Individual therapy provides a safe space for exploring a range of personal and interpersonal issues within the confines of a trusted relationship. I seek to actively engage with my clients to enhance meaning, discover feelings, create strategies, and find solutions.

Some common areas of expertise include:

  • Relationship struggles
  • Trauma
  • Childhood emotional abuse/neglect
  • Childhood sexual abuse/incest
  • Anxiety
  • Grief and loss issues
  • Depression
  • Divorce/Breakup
  • Infertility/Adoption
  • Parenting
  • LGBTQ issues
  • Career stressors
  • Life transitions


Couples therapy can help establish and reestablish communication, mutual respect, and caring. My goal is to assist couples with ongoing concerns or issues as well as provide them with the tools to find deeper connections and interpersonal understanding. I seek to help couples define their challenges in a constructive, safe manner.

Some common areas of expertise include:

  • Trauma
  • Communication challenges
  • Emotional/Sexual intimacy
  • Infertility/Adoption
  • Parenting stressors
  • Intense arguments
  • Addiction-related concerns
  • Infidelity
  • Pre-marital/union counseling
  • LGBTQ relationships

Frequently Asked Questions


A therapy session is 50 minutes.


I am currently in-network and accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois PPO. I recommend contacting your insurance company to inquire and verify your in-network mental health benefits. Please note that ultimate responsibility for payment rests with the client should there be any gap or shortfall in coverage.

For all other insurance panels I am considered an out-of-network provider. I provide clients using out-of-network provider benefits with the appropriate documentation to receive reimbursements from their insurance companies. I recommend contacting the member services number on your insurance card and inquiring about your out-of-network mental health benefits. Be sure to ask about the deductible, the rate of reimbursement, and any limitation on the number of sessions.

All fees are due at the time of service. I accept all credit cards, checks and cash.


In the beginning, I recommend meeting weekly. Your desired goals and individual needs will determine the length of our work together. During the first few sessions, we will identity your goals, as well as discuss ways in which we will know you are working towards achieving those goals. As our work together progresses we will reexamine and reassess your goals as necessary.


Twenty-four hour notice is necessary for cancellations. If a cancellation occurs without twenty-four hour notice a full fee is charged. I will take into account emergency situations.


Confidentiality is a vital component of the therapeutic relationship. I abide by all state and federal laws governing confidentiality. All matters are kept strictly confidential and can only be released through the approved channels by law and with the client’s consent.

There are exceptions to this law. The law requires that I report any suspected child abuse or elder abuse immediately to the appropriate authorities. If a client is threatening serious bodily harm to another person(s), I must notify the police and inform the intended victim(s). If a client intends to harm himself or herself, I will make every effort to obtain their cooperation in ensuring his or her safety. In cases where clients do not cooperate, I will take measures without their permission, within the confines of the law, to ensure their safety.



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There is convenient metered parking on Lincoln Avenue in front of my office building both on the east and west sides of the street. Rates are $2.00 per hour.